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Here, you can use a calendar system to schedule your social posts. Right now, we have the ability to post to Facebook and to Twitter. So in order to use this, you're going to have to make sure your KW Command settings are set up correctly.

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Here, you can use a calendar system to schedule your social posts. Right now, we have the ability to post to Facebook and to Twitter. So in order to use this, you're going to have to make sure your KW Command settings are set up correctly.

In KW Command, you can create posts for Twitter and Instagram. You can also place ads on Instagram, and Facebook (Meta). Quick posts are ready to use social posts that are perfect for scheduling. Your social calendar can be used to schedule posts on Twitter and Facebook, where you can monitor engagement such as comments, likes, shares, and retweets.

How To Create a Social Calendar


Hey guys, it’s Lori. Ballen here in Las Vegas, Nevada serving Summerlin which is where I live. I also have agents in Henderson, North Las Vegas“>Las Vegas, and Boulder City, all Southern Nevada.

I’m going to show you how to use quick posts today. I’ve shown you very specific designs that we’ve used before in my video, but today I want to really give you the idea of how to use the social posts feature in KW Command.

Once logged into KW Command, on the left-hand side, we’re going to scroll down and we’re going to go down to campaigns.

Next, find the Social Posts Tab.

Here, you can use a calendar system to schedule your social posts. Right now, we have the ability to post to Facebook and to Twitter. So in order to use this, you’re going to have to make sure your KW Command settings are set up correctly.

When I find the little arrow up by my name, I can click that arrow to open it. And then we’re going to go to settings.

I always tell everybody in KW command, if you can’t find how to do something, look for these little arrows, like the arrowheads really, or the three dots.

And sometimes the plus sign.

If you know those options, you can usually find where you need to go.

When you’re first setting up KW command, you’re going to see these connected apps in settings. You are going to need to set up your Facebook. This is for your social posts. You’ll also set up your Twitter connection. Notice that you have two of each. One is for your social posts that are not paid and the other is for paid ads.

Now, when you connect these, you can only connect the Facebook business page.

These are not going to connect to your regular profile.

When you log in, you’ll be able to see posts that are draft, scheduled, and live. You can also look at the live posts to measure engagement such as shares, comments, and likes.

Now, if we look at the calendar, what you’re able to see is that on Wednesday, June 10th, there was a post made at 1:16 PM on both Facebook and Twitter. Now, if you notice, when I click on it, it shoots down the page and it sends me to that post.

So it also tells me when a channel has failed. So if something is not set up correctly, you’re going to get a channel failed message. So what I would want to do is go over to my settings and scroll down.

It says Twitter.

So I’m going to look and see if there’s any problem with either of those accounts. So that one looks like it’s set up fine. And this one looks like it’s set up fine. Sometimes you simply have to disconnect and reconnect it.

I’m going to click create a social post.

Now, right here, I can type in whatever it is I want to type in for my social post. And then I can choose from designs, upload a video, add a link.

So let’s say we go to browse design library.

This is going to now pull up all of the designs that we have already created. So that’s what all of these are.

In addition, you could create a new one right now, if you wanted to.

So if you’ve never used KW Designs before, when you first log in to designs, all of this is going to be a blank white page.

Now you might, by instinct, start clicking on these filters and notice that your screen is still white. That’s because these actually filters that sort through designs that you’ve already created.

So if you haven’t created any designs, it will be blank.

But if you have, then your previous designs will be here. That’s a nice way to sort through those.

Click the plus sign to start a new design. So then designs opens and you’re going to get all of these wonderful templates that you can make.

You’ve got your KW app, you’ve got listings, all of these things to promote your listings. You’ve got local expert marketing postcards that you can use. You’ve got neighborhoods, snaps, Keller mortgage. I’ve got all kinds of information on all of these things for you, but let’s just pick one.

Once it’s opened, if you want to customize this at all, you can change the image in the background.

All you have to do to change the image is click on the image. And then over here, you have some stock art library from KW. You have app images. See that library. If you click on the three dots, you’ll go back to the library.

You have lifestyle at home. So this might be good. Cause remembering we’re doing start your home search. So something like this one. So what you do is you click on the image you want to replace. Then you hover over the image you want to choose.

Because when you click that, it’ll now replace the old image and have it sized exactly. If you just click the plus sign, watch what happens. It adds it to the image. Then you would have to drag and position it and do all that. We don’t want to mess with all that.

So I’m going to delete it. So what we do instead is we click on the image we want to replace and then we click on click it like that and it’ll open it. Okay. So let’s go back to find the image you want.

Now keep in mind that you want this to look like your location.

So make sure if you’re choosing a house that would be in your city, in your area.

A lot of these would be homes that we don’t have in Vegas. So I can’t use them. So I’m very careful to make sure I’m finding something that looks like it could be in Vegas.

So this first one is perfectly fine.

It matches what we’re looking for. So I’ll click on the image. We’re going to choose that one. All right. When you click on the DBA logo, you’re going to be able to go to my library.

You’re going to choose your DBA logo. Now for some reason that one’s not going to replace directly. So I’m going to just drag it out. You can literally click on it and drag it off the screen, or you can delete it.

So in our case, we have to use the KW office. So I uploaded my KW office logo and you can get your DBA office logo on the KW website.

All right. Let’s just say we’re good. Start your home search. Okay. So now all we have to do is just save this. So I’m going to go over to file and I’m just going to click save.

Now choose ‘browse design library’. There’s the one we just created.

So you have the option now to make your posts square wide. Then you’re going to have to choose a spot where it’s cropped. I just go with wide and then our whole design is in there and I’m going to go to crop image. Now, this is going to look good on Facebook and on Twitter.

Next, write your posts.

And then you have the ability to schedule your post or publish it now. So remember up here, we clicked on Saturday, June 13th. You actually have the ability to change that.

Like for father’s day, you want to go ahead and sit down right now and create a week’s worth of posts.

Maybe you have one that talks about summer specials. See all homes with a pool. Maybe you want to do one for just reduced homes with a pool. Maybe you’re going to have a neighborhood snapshot that you created, and you want to schedule that post.

Once published, any links you added will be live.

So then if you look over to the right, you also have something called quick posts.

Now, these are my favorite thing about social posts. I absolutely love these. What they do is whenever you see these, you have a little arrow under here. You can click on that little arrow and watch what it does.

It automatically creates for you a completely done social posts. It has your message. It has links. It has videos, images, DBA, logo, whatever this post was designed to do.

And you literally don’t have to do anything.

So it says: check out my new real estate search app. It’s the smartest way to find and share your favorite homes so that I can help you make one your own. Download it. And it puts my app link in there.

I didn’t have to add that. It knows what my app link is.

Okay. I don’t have to upload a photo cause there’s already one there. I don’t have to upload my DBA logo. It’s already there. So if it’s ready to go, then you click where you want it. Deposed post the date in this case. Now we already posted today. So I can post for tomorrow, the 12th, and then schedule post done.

You literally could go down this whole list once a week.

Okay. Let’s do the next one. Now in this particular one, I’d have to make changes cause this one, let me show you this one. So sign up for a virtual tour on my KW app. My problem would be that that photo would not look like a house that’s in Vegas.

So for me, I would probably want to go in and just change this photo. So if we click on that one, we could get rid of it. And then I could go to browse design library, and I can find a photo maybe that I created already that fits a little bit better or maybe one that I took. So here’s one that I took in my own neighborhood. And I can just click that instead and we’ll do wide crop image. So it doesn’t have that font overlay though, unless I go the overlay there with the market snap, unless I go design it, but the message will be there.

The picture will be there, everything else. And then I just clicked schedule posts. Now I’ve got a post going tomorrow.

So then I can go down and do the next one. Now, if you’ve already done these two and you want to say, Oh, here’s another one.

So let’s do a neighborhood video, click share, pick any neighborhood you want in your area that has a defined map. So let me do let’s see if we have Lake Las Vegas“>Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Northwest Las Vegas“>Las Vegas. Okay.

I’m just going to pick Northwest Las Vegas“>Las Vegas and we’ll click next. And then you have the ability here to edit these. So what’s the average home price, whatever it is, you can look it up and post it here before you publish this. Okay. Now if it knows let’s pick, let’s pick Las Vegas“>Las Vegas country club and click next.

If it pre-populates like this one does, you can just go verify those if you want to.

I’m going to tell you right now, these are not going to look the exact same is what’s in your MLS. They’re using data from their MLS feed. So it may not match, but that’s why they’ve given us the ability to go in and change them.

So if you don’t like what it says, change it.

If you like what it says, everything’s fine. You can change these three features. Okay. So when people are shopping in Las Vegas“>Las Vegas country club, they’re into gardening in Vegas, maybe not. Are they sightseeing? No, probably not. So I might say, what else are we okay?

These are probably more artsy people and they’re definitely a coffee culture.

So you can change those. You can change your agent information. You can change that your license number, then click next. Once your video is created, we’re going to have the ability now to go in and schedule this one or publish it immediately as well.

So now the next thing you can do is if you’ve already done all these three and you need more because you’re planning for the whole week and you want to use more quick posts, there’s a shuffle button here you can use.

So this gives you some really good social media management ability. That is your walkthrough today on how to use social posts in KW command.

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KW Command Smart Plans are in the works. While there are many smart plans available, text and email are still being formulated so we don't have it all working without 3rd party applications just yet.
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KW Command SmartPlans

KW Command Smart Plans are in the works. While there are many smart plans available, text and email are still being formulated so we don’t have it all working without 3rd party applications just yet.

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